Founded in 2019, Shy's Creations started as a small custom product designs for a few friends that has evolved into an e-commerce shop.  As we expand to selling our most popular items online, we have never forgotten what we promised to do.  Using our creations to bring your ideas to life for whatever occasion.


We specialize in custom t-shirts, vinyl decals, plates, wine glasses, and more.  We have products available for purchase and specialty made-to-order upon request.  Feel free to leave a message for more information.



Shyron Jordan, a wife, mother of two and first responder, is who I am.  But my passion has always been creating.  I have always had the desire to create and help others.  I wanted to help a friend create gift packs for a birthday party.  From that day on, I began creating crafts for parties, weddings, shows, and more.  I've mastered my craft in sublimation printing, vinyl, and more.

Shy's Creations evolved to a full small business serving the community with making their ideas come to life.  And with that, my passion has grown with it.